Aztec Roofing

Here at AZTEC ROOFING we thrive to become the roofing company homeowners and contractors trust.


A leaking roof can be easily fixed by our professional team. We repair and waterproof against future issues.


We can rebuild any roof to a high standard so that it is sturdy and can withstand the weather.

Weather Damage

If your roof has been damaged by weather/high winds we are on call to repair this for you.
TOuch up

Touch ups

Do you have any old roofs that needs touch ups? Our roofers are skilled in patching and repair services.
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New roofs

We work with contractors on new builds or the replacement of new roofs for any existing buildings.

Basic construction services

Our teams are skilled construction workers and can perform construction requirements for any project.

Delivering trust and quality

Here at AZTEC ROOFING we thrive to become the roofing company homeowners and contractors trust. As a family owned company, we understand that keeping a strong, dried roof over your family’s head is very important. With our trained professional installers, we guaranteed to have the best quality of products installed properly and efficiently. With over 25 YEARS of experience in the roofing industry we are confident that contractors can trust Aztec Roofing with their commercial projects no matter the size. We have experience with all major manufactures like GAF, Firestone and John Mansville just to name a few. So put your trust in us and have the confidence that Aztec Roofing will deliver trusted and quality work to your next project.


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From low-slope to steep-slope we offer various roof systems from a mechanically attached low-slope roof to a standing seam metal roof for steep-slope roof. We specialize in TPO, PVC, EPDM, Metal and even Tapered roof systems. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your project.
Workman using pneumatic nail gun install tile on roof of new house under construction


Need a new roof for your home? We offer various manufactures of shingles and provide you with color samples so you can pick the perfect color for your home. We also offer various metal roof systems and colors so you can make your home really stand out. Click here to learn more about the different types of manufactures and what goes into installing your new roofing project.
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Got a Leaky roof? We can handle that. Our trained professionals are experts in identifying the problem and find the perfect solution, so you do not have to worry any longer. Fill out our form or contact us directly via phone for a FREE INSPECTION.

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